Inspired by Nature

For as long as there has been a human race, the human race has been turning to Nature for inspiration. From buildings and bridges to medecine and materials, nature has been building the path and leading the way. Tensegrity tables take their inspiration from an inwards look at the engineering principles of the bones and tendons; River Tables take their inspiration from the outward-looking apreciation of the natural world and the beauty that surrounds us all.  

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The site is a showcase and a shop. Some items are available to buy off the shelf and straight off the page, other items require a little bit more of a time investment on the part of the purchaser. We cater for off the shelf purchases and individually designed pieces of furniture art. Click on the button to learn more.  

Uniquely different

Characterised by the gentle and not so gentle lines of the resin river as it flows, meanders and bubbles over and around a river bed of nature’s best, river tables take the natural beauty of the outside, and bring it inside.

Each river table is uniquely different and each one is a talking point. If you want something different, each one is the only one like it in the world.

the science and the art of tension and integrity

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“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts.

It’s our job to make the customer experience a little bit better.”

Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon

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I have spent a long time designing and building customer-focussed systems for retailers, banks and mobile operaters. I decided that it was time to use that experience to build a shop that is more than a shop: a shop that is of benefit to the people that make things as much as it is to the people that buy things ... and to me!

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The products offered for sale on this site are products that I would buy.

I don't buy presents for other people that I wouldn't like to receive myself; I'm not going to offer for sale products that I wouldn't want to own myself.


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