Spirit of the Forest

Natural wood carries with it an ambiance and a beauty that can only be derived from nature. Bring the outside in and release the spirit of the tree into your living room.

Reclaimed wood has its own story to tell. Imperfections and scars add to the character and rustic charm. The spirit of the forest lives on, in your home.  

The tensegrity.uk site is a showcase and a shop. Some items are available to buy off the shelf and straight off the page, other items require a little bit more of a time investment on the part of the purchaser. We cater for off the shelf purchases and individually designed pieces of furniture art. Click on the button to learn more.  

Reclaimed and Recycled

One person’s rubbish is another person’s raw materials.
The fusion of reclaimed wood and recycled glass creates a collection of quality handcrafted products.   

the science and the art of tension and integrity

Customer Service

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts.

It’s our job to make the customer experience a little bit better.”

Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon

About Us

I have spent a long time designing and building customer-focussed systems for retailers, banks and mobile operaters. I decided that it was time to use that experience to build a shop that is more than a shop: a shop that is of benefit to the people that make things as much as it is to the people that buy things ... and to me!

More about Us


The products offered for sale on this site are products that I would buy.

I don't buy presents for other people that I wouldn't like to receive myself; I'm not going to offer for sale products that I wouldn't want to own myself.


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